Talking Rubbish!

That’s our favourite subject to talk about.  When we are in that space, there is no pressure to be politically correct.  There is no agenda and no planned outcome.  Thoughts and ideas don’t have to be congruent. Grammar can be challenged.  We are allowed to speak Chinese in English!

In order to talk rubbish productively, we have to be ready to laugh and be offended.  It helps to be relaxed.

The best jokes and most creative content come out of us when we talk rubbish:  my son told me that his favourite number in the alphabet was red;  my husband told us weather forecast predicted tandoori showers that afternoon, so we waited patiently for Indians to fall from the sky.  If 10 Indians fell from the sky each second, how many Indians will fall from the sky in an hour?

If we loosen up and occasionally indulge in our children’s “rubbish” talk, I’m sure you won’t need to work too hard to find fun-filled content to talk about.

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