Useful or Trash?

What do you do with used plastic egg cartons?

I collect mine for a friend who sells eggs in loose quantities at a wet market.  She packs eggs into these recycled cartons for her customers who are mostly low-income and elderly, enabling them to carry the eggs home without breaking them.

At my home, collecting plastic egg cartons is troublesome and messy.  In addition to being bulky, they vary in shape and size, making them hard to stack.  No wonder why people rather dispose than recycle them.

Like these plastic cartons, what do you do with the experiences you have acquired after this season of your life?  Not everyone will value them and those who will won’t know where to find you, which means you’ll need to find them.

I’m collecting mine for those who have use for them.  An elderly friend taught me to never expire before my expiry date.

By the way,  if I ate 2 eggs each day, how many eggs did I eat in 2018?  If I always bought them in cartons of 15, how many cartons did I  accumulate in 2018?

Happy New Year, Everyone🌿🌿

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