The Bounty

The Bounty
Lizard-Slaying Challenge

It is an ongoing challenge at home that comes with a reward: $2 for a small, $5 for medium, $10 for a large.  When I screamed LIZARD, my sons would rush to my rescue. Money works.

My mom convinced the little me that lizards are cold and yucky.  She said the lizard would stick on me if it fell from the ceiling and landed on me.  She screamed when she saw one.  I thought I should too.

While I dealt with the irrational fear, I was determined not to pass this bad legacy down to my sons.  But how not to when I reacted everytime these creeps show up at unexpected moments in unexpected places?  Thus the idea to put up a bounty, a motivation for my little virtuous knights to run towards (instead of away from) the dragon to slay it and rescue their favourite dame, me!

It was great for a start, the boys were excited to make some money.  But soon, they decided on a  minimum price for their service. “Is this a $2 or a $5 lizard?” they’ll ask before doing the job, I’ll have to pay them $5 to slay a small lizard, else they’ll wait for the small lizard to grow to medium size. 

My husband joined in the fun by suggesting some methods of growing the lizard population at home so that there’ll be more money to make.  Can you hear the agenda-problem-solution triad being discussed in my living room?

1.  Mum has no problem, but you have an agenda. You want her to use your service to solve a problem which she doesn’t have.

2.  Mum has problem (because you create one for her).

3.  Mum needs to solve a problem, and you have the solution. The bigger the problem, the more money you make.

I ensured the boys understood the consequence of carrying out such mischief because Mum has the power to give them a very hard time, and they can backfire in unexpected ways.

Yes, young children can understand complicated philosophy, especially if they are involved as actors in the stories.  Can you identify a agenda-problem-solution situation in your home that can be turned into a fun-filled conversation with your child?  Can you expand this conversation to  talk about similar happenings in your neighbourhood, school, nation, world?

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