Fun-filled Music Conversations: My Son’s Ukulele

The ukulele I’m playing in this video belongs to my son.  I bought it for me, but I gave it to him as a birthday gift knowing that I’ld be the one enjoying it.  What sort of a horrid mum would buy her son a present that’s meant for herself?  Me! 🤣

But seriously, what better way to give your child the gift of music than to create an environment and culture for music appreciation to take place?  Here’s the truth: your child is a sponge, the younger he is, the more absorbent.  Whatever type of music you listen to, or sing, or play, or learn, and in whatever languages, your child will be absorbing them all, whether you like it or not!

I love music and languages.  When my son came into my life, I learnt, memorised and sang songs for him in putonghua and various Chinese dialects. I figured that my imperfect accents were better than nothing.  We attended church and sang songs as a community.  In the car, we listened to different genres on different channels on the  radio.  I read up about my favourite tunes, songs and bands, and I told him about them as stories.  It was hard work but it wasn’t too painful for me because I was interested in the topics and determined to make our home as conducive as possible for my son to enjoy language and music.  My aim was to meaningfully expose him to as many sounds and words as I could, and to do so carefully without drowning him with too much at any one time.

Now, back to the ukulele and the video. If you have no prior background in music, the ukulele is an excellent first instrument to pick up for various reasons:  it is cheap, small, light and has only 4 strings, making it relatively easy to learn.  If you learn to play it, it is easy to lure your children who are 4 years and older into playing it too.  All you have to do is to leave the instrument lying on the sofa after playing it and your curious children will certainly tinkle with it. 

If you need a recommendation for a ukulele, you can find it in the description section of the video.  Let me know how your journey goes in the comments section below this blog.  I’d love to hear from you. 

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Here’s wishing you many fun-filled hours of joy with your ukulele! 💐

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