The World That Didn’t End

Wild flowers blooming. The earth is more resilient than we credit it for.

I remember March 10, 1982.  I was 14 years old, sitting in class and waiting to die.  A periodical I had read some days earlier informed me that the world was ending THAT day.  I didn’t want to go to school because facing termination with my family was much more comforting than facing termination alone, but I went to school anyway.  In class, my attention drifted between the teachers, who appeared clueless that the world was about to end, and the anticipation of a loud bang, a dimming sun or quaking floor.  No excitement happened, the end didn’t arrive.  I was a little disappointed that the day was boring as ever, but mostly relieved that every person who mattered to me was still alive!  I now know that the ending of the world on March 10, 1982 was prophecised in a book titled The Jupiter Effect.

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Facing My Dark Side

Facing My Dark Side
Facing My Dark Side

I named my first hamsters Bo Bo and Cha Cha, after my favourite dessert.  Cha Cha died at his 1 month old birthday party after being dropped from a height of 1.5 metres.  I grieved and cried for days over the loss of a loved pet. I was fifteen then.

Bo Bo lived on to have many babies with male hamsters that I borrowed from my friends.  The population in my little cage grew and I had lots of fun with that project.  Eventually, I grew lazy and got distracted with other interests, neglecting my little darlings despite constant reminders from my mom.

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The Trouble With Empathy

The lion chases a bunny.  It hasn’t eaten for days.  It is hungry.

Case 1:  If you’ve just watched The Lion King, you’ll empathise with the lion.  You don’t like the feeling of hunger too.  The nameless bunny is food!

Case 2:  If you’ve just watched Peter Rabbit, you’ll want the bunny to escape because you empathise with it.  It doesn’t deserve to die.  The lion can go hungry, you don’t care.

Case 3:  Bunnies are cute and cuddly pets.  You won’t know how anyone could hate them until you see a field full of wild bunnies.  After that, you will better empathise with the farmer who want them dead because bunnies burrow his land and damage his crop.  The poor farmer has a family to feed. His children don’t deserve to go hungry.

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