Are you thinking of homeschooling your child, or are you presently homeschooling and are thinking of sending your child to a public/private school?  Do you need to learn how to use existing resources effectively to teach and engage your own children after school?  Have you been told that your child has a learning disability that you disagree with, but don’t know what other solutions/therapies are available and how to forward?

Our consultants are, first of all, parents with skin in the game.  We are a collective resource of knowledge and experience on the topic of parenting and childcare.  We understand that you are already bombarded with many opinions, thus we will not be offering you quick cures.  We understand that you must own your decision, so we will guide you in unpacking your concerns and organising your thoughts so that you can find solutions that will work for you in your circumstances.

*Rates are subject to changes.

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