Fun-Filled Academy

“You can always pour your love on the children of others.”
~ 徐瑞凤, my grandmother (roughly translated from Hokkien)

I love kids, and always had. Before I became a mom, I volunteered at a church to work with children in urban Singapore. I also travelled with missions organisations working on short term projects involving children: children in the mountains of Nepal who have never sat in a motorised vehicle, children in Mongolia who lived in homes that had no address, street children in Brazil who ran away from home, children in the USA who attended summer camp at a ranch to learn to ride a horse. I recently found an old employment letter reminding me that I’ve even worked in a kindergarten for 2 months when I was 20 years old! (By the way, I also have a degree in Computer Science from NUS, but I get along better with children than I do with computer systems.)

I can’t explain how these experiences interacted inside my head, but they bubbled and morphed into forms of lessons, activities, conversations that I could experiment and practise on my son and my friends’ children. The children turned out pretty well.  Our homeschooling was so fun that I really don’t want it to end.  But my little son has grown up, it is time to move on. Reflecting on what grandma said, I’m reminded that I can always pour my love on children who belong to others – they don’t have to be mine.

This brings me to Fun-Filled Academy. Here, I’m teaming up with other like-minded educators (who are subject matter experts) to bring you non-standard activities that will help your child learn math, and other things. At our classes, holiday camps and parent workshops, you and your children can expect to interact with ex-teachers, sportspersons, musicians, writers, and a host of other professionals. We promise fun with intentional learning, wrapped with an element of surprise.

In 2020, Fun-Filled Academy offers a suite of services :
Consultation for homeschooling and one-to-one parent coaching,
Camps during the school holidays,
Classes for PSLE students, and 
Parenting workshops on how to teach your own!

If you would like to know more about Fun-Filled Academy, drop me and the team an email on our Contact Page.

I would love to hear from you.

Wendy Koh
Founder of Fun-Filled Conversations