Fun-Filled Math Conversations With Your Child

What this book is about 

Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child has been getting great reviews from homeschooling parents, and parents who want an alternative to learn Singapore Math.

Is there still laughter at home while teaching Singapore Math for PSLE? When was the last time you and your children enjoyed learning Math together?

Author Wendy Koh’s Fun-Filled method is revolutionary simply because it is so easy to understand! With 16 years of homeschooling experience, Wendy empowers us to think in a self-directed manner when teaching Singapore Math, while being mindful of the child’s developmental abilities over the years.

Part storyteller, part coach, Wendy shares about how she taught her son math through his entire childhood, without stress. Covering 30 math topics including Arithmetic, Volume, Speed, Time to Heuristics, Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child is a breeze for busy parents.

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