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Fun-filled Conversations Logo

It’s been almost a year since Fun-Filled Math Conversations With Your Child was published.  As in any new project, our team had only a book and a vision to guide us when we started.  We accepted that the journey was going to be a big adventure with surprises along the way.  While waiting for things to happen, we worked on the controllables:  Building our website with content that brings value to our readers, promoting our services on our Facebook Page, and supporting those who own a copy of the book via a Facebook Group.

In an effort to reach our intended audience, we approached a distributor to help us distribute the book.  He declined us politely, saying that his company doesn’t distribute textbooks or assessment books.  Similarly, the library told us that they do not curate textbooks or assessment books.  We managed to convince them that our book was neither, but it is a parenting book written like a storybook.  And that was how it found its place in the distributor’s list and on the libraries’ shelves.  These experiences reveal the gap in the minds of people and systems between the categories of family and academia.

Fun-filled Conversations is a ground-up initiative that hopes to bridge that gap.  We realised how much we needed an image that would remind our readers that learning can be advanced by fun-filled family conversations.  So we asked our friend Eric Chew to design a logo for us that would do that. 

Have a look at our logo.  Can you see the two quotation marks smiling and talking to each other?   Papa is talking to Baby about serious things, funny things, ridiculous things, all sorts of things – great conversations that energise and endear each one to the other.  Everyone’s laughing, loving and learning together, reminding me of the many fun conversations my son and I had when he was growing up.

Coincidentally, this image also reminds me of lower case ‘E’. My son’s name begins with this letter and he loves to spell his name with muiltiple ‘e’ s (in lower case) just to exggerate its sound and help people remember him.

When I look at this logo, I hear laughter, I feel loved and ready to learn.  Thanks, Eric! I love what you’ve created for us!  ⭐️⭐️⭐️

** You can contact Eric or see more of his work at www.papachew.com