Our Team



With 16 years of experience from homeschooling her son, teaching others, and helping the community grow inquiry based learning, Wendy is one of those remarkable people who puts learning on a discovery roadmap. She is the author of Fun-filled Math Conversations With Your Child that sparked the idea for a full blown fun-filled journey of educating the world through great conversations. 

She also offers one-on-one homeschool consultation. Under the Fun-filled Academy, she teaches Math classes for PSLE, conducts education workshops and seminars, and runs holiday camps.


At 15 years old, Audrey spent her free time coaching younger children by giving freelance tuition. Despite getting a Diploma in Mass Communications followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Marketing and the Media, she returned to her first love, teaching. It has been 20 years since she first officially embarked in the education industry, and more than ever, she is passionate about empowering people, young and old. Audrey holds a Diploma in Education (with Distinction) as well as a Bachelor’s degree in Arts (Education).

Currently, she homeschools 2 teens and an 8-year-old. She believes that children will blossom at their own time, provided they are nurtured and taught well. Audrey provides one-on-one consultation for academic coaching. She also teaches children English and Math and conducts workshops, seminars and holiday camps under the Fun-filled Academy.

Wendy’s images taken by Hoon Sze Siang, snapshotimaging.sg