Our Story

How will your children remember you when you are no longer in their lives? 

 Your voice is valuable, especially to your children.

My late grandmother’s voice rings in my head in Chinese dialects. The rhythms, tones, and words exist only as sounds in my head and they reach me in places that English and Putonghua never could. I don’t know the written forms of these words, the only thing I feel when I recall her voice is love. She told me stories, taught me silly songs and rhymes, scolded me. I received traditions and oral history that way. How I wish I had recorded that voice.

My father asked me, “Girl, if you save ten cents a day, how much will you save in one month?” I knew the answer to that question, of course. He had asked me that same question the day before, and also the day before the day before. I didn’t mind it at all because his voice assured me that he was sitting there right next to me, on the bus, and I wasn’t alone.

How will your children remember you when you are no longer in their lives? Will they remember you for all the enrichment programs that you have worked so hard to put them through? Or will your voice ring in their heads whenever you come to mind, providing wisdom in times of need? With all the sales pitches by commercial educators bombarding us daily and bringing us on guilt trips, it is easy to lose our way.

Fun-filled Conversations wants to help you find your voice and use it. We want your voice to be the one that inspires your children to be curious, to inquire. We want to cheer you on as you create a safe environment for your children to explore, discover, learn and grow. In a fun-filled conversation no question from your children is stupid or forbidden. It’s is fine for you to not have an answer and say: “Let’s find out together!”

We want to provide you with thinking tools to impart to your children that can empower them to think clearly for themselves and about others, to make sense of this world, to trust their instinct and grow common sense. And having done so, to find the courage and confidence to speak up when necessary. This is the legacy that we want you to build.

Help us spread the word. Let’s laugh, love and learn together.

Wendy Koh
Founder of Fun-Filled Conversations