Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child

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Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child has been getting great reviews from homeschooling parents, and parents who want an alternative to learn Singapore Math.

Is there still laughter at home while teaching Singapore Math for PSLE? When was the last time you and your children enjoyed learning Math together?

Author Wendy Koh’s Fun-Filled method is revolutionary because it is so simple to understand! With 16 years of homeschooling experience, Wendy empowers us to think in a self-directed manner when teaching Singapore Math, while being mindful of the child’s developmental abilities over the years.

Part storyteller, part coach, Wendy shares with us how she taught math in a natural way to her son since one year old. Covering 30 math topics including Arithmetic, Volume, Speed, Time to Heuristics, Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child is a breeze for busy parents.

Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child is available for sale on this webpage and at these shops :

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This is about parenting. The A* boast on the cover of my book was simply a marketing gimmick to cause you to pick up the book.  It is true that my son scored A* for Math at PSLE and IGCSE exams, but the joy brought by the A* outcome was brief.  Very brief.

The real fun and long lasting joy was in the journey.  The heart of the message of Fun-filled Conversations is that you CAN parent and bond with your child while teaching him math.  It can be fun, that is, if you make it fun.

Wikipedia defines the IKEA Effect in behavioural economics as “the tendency for people to place a disproportionately high value on objects that they partially assembled themselves, such as furniture from IKEA, regardless of the quality of the end result.”

This summarises my desire for you.  That you will place a high value on your child, whom you taught in partnership with his school teacher, regardless of his test scores.

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1 review for Fun-Filled MATH Conversations With Your Child

  1. Sheryl

    This is an easy to read book that teaches you how to incorporate math in your daily life. Yes, the back does says for PSLE math, but really it’s about reframing your mind to identify teachable moments when going through life. Many a time, parents find it hard to get their children ready for “class”.. Wendy gives you little nuggets to ease them in for more lessons. My oldest is 3.5 and I already can see how this can be applicable to him and how it will be useful for us on an ongoing basis. It will be a book that I foresee I will refer back over and over as the topics become more age appropriate.

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