Workshops for Parents with Toddlers, Pre-schoolers & Schoolers

Designed by Fun-Filled founder, Wendy Koh, our Fun-Filled Academy Workshops will help you inspire your children to learn math from 2 to adulthood! We guarantee :

  • The workshops will be interactive and engaging.
  • You will feel confident about teaching your own. 
  • Workshops are small groups (8 people max) so that we can attend to your needs.

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Workshop 1 : Number Sense

(for parents with toddlers and pre-schoolers)
Build a strong foundation for math literacy for 2-6 yo.
Sats 11am-1pm. 14 Dec 2019. 4 Jan 2020, 8 Feb 2020, 7 Mar 2020

Studies have shown that children learn best and the most before age 6, thus making this period the best time for them to acquire basic numeracy skills. Author of Fun-Filled Conversations with Your Child and Director of Fun-filled Academy, Wendy Koh will share on what numeracy for toddlers and pre-schoolers is about, and how you can engage your children and build their number sense, which includes math language, symbols, quantities, operations. This workshop will empower you to build a strong math foundation for your children and ease them into primary school math. Sign up here.

Workshop 2 : Real Life Math 

(for parents with schoolers)
Be a coach who inspires your child in Real Life Math.
Wed 3pm-5pm. 18 Dec 2019.
Sats 11am-1pm. 21 Dec 2019, 18 Jan 2020, 22 Feb 2020, 22 Mar 2020.

Real life math happens in real life. The classroom is, at best, a mock-up of real life. In that sense, you are in a better position to teach real life math than the teacher. Let Wendy teach how you can coach your child in real life math skills and have fun doing so. (Read her thoughts about it.) This is open to all parents living in Singapore – locals, expats and visitors – interested to know how Singapore math meets real life!Sign up here.

Workshop 3 : Overview of PSLE Math

(for parents with schoolers)
Guide your child wisely towards PSLE Math with no fear.
Sats 11am-1pm. 11 Jan 2020, 15 Feb 2020, 14 Mar 2020.

Parent-child interaction differs from teacher-student interaction. Sometimes it may not advisable for you to become the teacher to your child, but you can be more involved and provide guidance if you have a better understanding of what PSLE Math is generally about. Wendy will share her views on what MOE is testing, based on their syllabus for the Primary 1 cohort of 2013 (PSLE year 2018). Find out how you, the parent, can be a part of that journey. Sign up here.

“I highly advise you to invest in this workshop because learning to DIY may save you much time and money in terms of future tuition fees.” Wendy

Workshop Calendar Dec 2019 – Mar 2020

Venue: Pasir Ris.

**Attend any of these sessions and get a 10% discount off 1 term of fees. 

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